ODOO - The System for Companies in Baden-Württemberg

Odoo in Baden-Württemberg is the software for your success!

Many companies in Baden-Württemberg are constantly working on an optimization of their business processes, as well as an on the increase in efficiency and professionalism. This results in increased automation of processes in all areas of the company. At the same time, many companies also attach great importance to the implementation of company-specific features and requirements regarding the implementation of a system in the company. Whether it's a startup or a medium-sized business – growth is the top priority for all companies. Odoo as it is a professional system for your company supports precisely this success strategy through its highly modern and individualized concept. The modular design of Odoo allows the system to grow with your business - no matter how fast and in which direction your business develops. There are no limits to your ideas and wishes. Odoo's biggest customer with a workforce of 300,000 has also been equipped with a powerful concept thanks to the modular design of the system.

Odoo considers in all its areas the German law and provides modules for easy communication and data exchange to your accountant. So this system is a professional partner, expecially for companies in Baden-Württemberg.

We can come to you - implementing Odoo in Stuttgart or implementing Odoo in Karlsruhe is no matter to us. We also come to you to Mannheim, because it's never too far for Odoo. 

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Service - Directly and Easy to Get

Your ERP system is an essential factor in the company and should be as familiar to you as the Stuttgarter Stäffele. Through a contact with presence in Baden-Württemberg, you have the opportunity to get your system right from the implementation from the bottom up and with your needs and requirements to make all the key processes to the system as well as possible to your business to adjust. During further use, you can also rely on the comprehensive service of our qualified employees in your hometown, no matter if you use Odoo in Baden or if you use Odoo in Württemberg. With  hosting Odoo at IT IS AG your data stays safe and secure in Germany.

Take advantage of our presence in Baden-Württemberg also to increase the efficiency of your employees through targeted training and courses. An employee with extensive know-how to the system will be able to exploit the full range of possibilities of Odoo for your business.

You can get more information on training, if you click here .

Odoo as a pioneering factor in your company

The professional concept for companies in Baden-Württemberg - the complete business package of Odoo. The all-in-one business solution Odoo is license-free and covers all areas of a company such as purchasing, sales, production, warehouse, financial accounting and much more. Odoo also offers to you: full integration for website,, web shop and POS. Activate exactly the modules, which are decisive for your company and thus increase the effectiveness in your company with the help of the modular design of Odoo.

You can find any further information of the possibilities with Odoo in Baden-Württemberg  here.

The annual Odoo Roadshows inform about novelties in Odoo. The big interest in Odoo in Stuttgart and in Odoo in Karlsruhe has clearly shown us to see Odoo at Baden-Württemberg as an interesting asset to your business. Even from Ulm, Pforzheim or Offenburg you can easily get to an Odoo Roadshow in your area.

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Odoo Support – persönlich und vor Ort

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Your Odoo-Partner in Baden-Württemberg.

IT IS AG serves numerous companies as a silver partner of Odoo and certified training partner nationwide and especially in Baden-Württemberg. Personal contact to our customers is a central part of our work. We attach great importance to regular appointments to ensure our service quality in all areas of Baden-Württemberg, from Mannheim to Ravensburg and from Freiburg up to Aalen. We want to serve our customers in the long term and professionally. Talk to us - we are there for you.

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Success with Odoo and Alfresco in Baden-Württemberg

 We help you with the introduction of Alfresco!

Alfresco is an open source DMS (Document Management System). It contains an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and a BPM (Business Process Management). With Alfresco, companies can organize their documents and information and map processes and workflows. The presentation by a DMS favors a sustainable way of working.

Wir sind Ihr Alfresco- und Partner für Odoo wenn es um die company-specific adjustments of Alfresco goes. We connect Alfresco with Odoo using our module IT IS Odoo Alfresco to an effective combination.

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Success with Odoo and Zimbra in Baden-Württemberg

The open source software Zimbra is an increasingly popular e-mail and group ware client. With Zimbra, you can do your day-to-day work with emails quickly and easily, and share the results of your work with employees through the group ware capabilities. This way you can work together more effectively.

In the open source program are custom adjustments possible according the individual needs of a company by IT IS AG. If you connect Zimbra e.g. with Odoo, great benefits can be drawn from the synergies.

Learn here more about Zimbra...

The most common questions about Odoo

Odoo stores your data in a database that you can operate either in your own data center or by an Odoo hosting provider like IT IS AG is. Decide upon the Hosting at IT IS AG and your data in Odoo will be safely stored in Germany, thanks to the strict local privacy policy.

Do you have got any further questions? We gladly consult you!

Benefit from our more than 18 years of experience in the ERP implementation with approximately 325 projects. More information is available at the IT IS website .

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